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How Do I Lease A Car With A Bad Credit History? Financial Services:
Available As Of June 16, 2013

Apply For A Car Loan - Bad Credit History
Submit a two minute application to dealers and/or lenders in your area that can, and will, approve those with a bad credit history. Must have steady income.

Apply For A Buy Here Pay Here Payment Plan
Submit an application to local buy here pay here dealers, or dealers who offer in house financing. Must have income, and stable residency.

Apply For A Car Loan - No Credit History
Submit an application to local dealers who can assist those with no prior credit history. Must have income.
"I have a bad credit history because of a past repossession, and a couple of late car payments. A little time has passed, and would like to no lease a car. Are there dealers who will help me, and what do I need?"

Lease A Car With Bad Credit. Where Can I Find A Bad Credit Car Lease.Leasing a car or truck has become an attractive option for those who wish to step up into a nicer vehicle then the one whose payment is closer to what their budget would allow. The thought is that for the same monthly payment of a Dodge purchase, they could opt for a long term lease for a Mercedes. There are good arguments for both leasing and purchasing, but that is not what this is about.

What can you do if your credit history is less than perfect, and you would now prefer a lease over a purchase?

The answer isn't simple, and the opportunities are more likely to be offered by a lender, and not a dealer directly. A lease still includes a loan. The only difference is that the loan is for an amount that covers a lease term, and not a vehicle purchase. That's important, because a lease is not something that can be held as collateral, therefore, it can be tougher to secure an approval for a lease contract then it is for a vehicle purchase. One way to secure a car lease with bad credit, is offering something other then the vehicle as collateral. Another vehicle, or property may be all it takes to turn a denial into a lease approval.

The best option for someone with bad credit, is to carefully consider purchase options before rejecting them. Securing a car loan will always be an easier option, than a vehicle lease. Buy the "Dodge", make the payments, and look forward to the "Mercedes" when you visit the dealer next time.

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Apply For A Car Loan - First Time Buyer Program
Submit a car loan application to local dealers who can assist first time buyers with no credit history. Must have proof of a steady income.

Bad Credit Car Loans. Everyone Approved.

Vehicle Review: 2011 Chevrolet Equinox
Posted June 16, 2013

Roomy and graced with an available snappy V6, the previous-generation Equinox had its charms, but it didn't shine 2011 Chevrolet Equinox | Info And Car Loan Programsbrightly enough to surpass its rivals. As a result, Chevrolet's capable but undistinguished hauler was left to linger on the lots as shoppers flocked to more popular choices from the likes of Honda and Toyota. But thanks to a full redesign in 2010, the latest Equinox has vaulted up to be a top pick in the small crossover SUV segment.

The 2011 Chevrolet Equinox boasted character and refinement, two traits that were missing in previous-generation models, and indeed many small crossovers in general. With a rear seat that slid back to create an expanse worthy of a prom-night limousine, the Equinox easily counted rear legroom among its strengths. Ride quality was another plus, with the Equinox delivering a stable, well-planted ride. In terms of equipment, the Equinox was fully competitive, with plenty of standard features and some nice upgrades, like a hard-drive-based navigation system.....more

Let assist you in securing a car loan, for an Equinox purchase, with a bad credit history, or even no credit history at all.

Vehicle Review: 2012 Ford Escape
Posted May 21, 2013

2012 Ford Escape. Bad Credit Car Loans For Ford Purchase.Nowadays, Ford is hitting more home runs, and without any chemical augmentation, either. The 2012 Ford Escape was not exactly one of them, however, as this long-serving platform carried on unchanged until the appearance of a complete redesign slated for the next year.

That's not to say that the Escape had been benched for 2012. Despite its aged design, it remained a very popular vehicle among compact crossover consumers. Indeed it's consistently been among the top-selling vehicles thanks to its handsome styling, spirited performance and numerous high-tech features. Among the latter innovations is Sync, the affordable voice-activated interface for audio features. In addition the Escape offered Auto Park, a Ford system that enables the Escape to identify a likely parallel parking spot and then steer into the slot while you just tend to the gas and brake. The Ford Escape also continued..........more

Apply For A Ford Loan Program For A Escape Purchase

Review: 2012 Nissan Altima

Posted May2, 2013

Sooner or later, most everyone reaches that point in life where they feel compelled to trade their stylish, fun-to-drive set of wheels in for something more sensible. What many don't realize, however, is that cars like the 2012 Nissan Altima don't force you to choose between those two extremes.

While both the midsize Bad Credit Car Loans For Nissan AltimaAltima sedan and Altima coupe are handsome automobiles, that's only part of their appeal. Choose the V6-powered 3.5 SR model, for example, and you'll get both a robust 270-horsepower V6 engine and a firmer suspension that makes this Altima feel more like an expensive sport sedan. Even without these upgrades, the entry-level 2.5 and midrange 2.5 5S models offer a decidedly more engaging driving experience than you'd expect from such practically oriented automobiles.

Inside, the Altima sports an attractive and comfortable cabin. The interior can also be fitted out with upscale options like a hard-drive-based navigation system with music storage, Bluetooth streaming audio and a rearview camera. These and many other high-end goodies are bundled together in a number of different packages, meaning some buyers will be forced to shell out money for features they don't really want in order to get those they do. Another downside to the Altima is that rear seat headroom is a bit tight in both coupe and sedan body styles.....more

Apply For A Nissan Loan Program For Altima Purchase

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53k Miles
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70k Miles
Bad Credit Loan Program Available

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2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser LX
94k Miles
Bad Credit Loan Program Available

2005 Ford Explorer XLT
2005 Ford Explorer XLT
121k Miles
Bad Credit Loan Program Available

2004 Chrysler Crossfire
2004 Chrysler Crossfire
57k Miles
Bad Credit Loan Program Available

2003 Ford Taurus SES
2003 Ford Taurus SES
132k Miles
Bad Credit Loan Program Available

2001 Buick LeSabre Limited
2001 Buick LeSabre Limited
125k Miles
Bad Credit Loan Program Available
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