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Apply For A Car Loan With A Bad Credit History
Submit a two minute application to dealers and/or lenders in your area that can, and will, approve those with a bad credit history. Must have steady income.

Apply For A Buy Here Pay Here Payment Plan
Submit an application to local buy here pay here dealers, or dealers who offer in house financing. Must have income, and stable residency.

Apply For A Car Loan With No Credit History
Submit an application to local dealers who can assist those with no prior credit history. Must have income.

Find The Right Car Loan Program For Your Needs And Credit Status.

Considering the wide range of vehicle selling prices, customer credit ratings, dealer and lender approval policies, and customer preferences, Car Loan Programs. Bad Credit Car Loans. No Credit Car Loans. finding the car loan program right for you can be a challenge. The first, and highest hurdle to overcome is your credit rating. The better your credit score, the better your interest rates are going to be, and the larger the number of dealers and lenders you will have to choose from.

For those with a bad credit history, or no credit history at all, the options are a little more limited, but there are dealers and lenders who will assist those with a bad credit background secure a car loan.

Car Loans For Good Credit, Bad Credit, And First Time Buyers.

Bad Credit Car Loans : No Credit Car Loans :

There are several ways to secure a car loan. The most convenient, and the most common, is to secure your car loan right at the dealership you are Car Loans For Bad Credit Or No Creidit purchasing your car from. Most dealers have a few lenders they can use to secure your loan, and they can write the loan at any time they are open for business.

Another way is to visit your local bank, and apply for a car loan. They will issue a check, and you can take that to the dealership with you. When you secure a car loan in this way, you are much more likely to focus on terms and interest rates, and you will not have to worry about extra percentage points being added for the dealer's pocket.

Or, you can use one of the lenders we have available online. Our lending partners can secure loans for all credit types. Good credit, bad credit, and first time buyers are welcome.

Apply For A First Time Buyer Car Loan Program
Submit a car loan application to local dealers who can assist first time buyers with no credit history. Must have proof of a steady income.

When securing a car loan at the dealership in which you are purchasing your car, remember that you are dealing with a representative of the lender (the dealership "finance manager"), and you should inquire about the same issues you would if you were sitting at the table of your local bank. Avoid focusing on the monthly payment, which is where the salesman is going to want to stay, and inquire about the interest rate, and any other fees. A dealer is likely to avoid discussing interest rates, in hopes of grabbing an extra point, or two, for himself.
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