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Beware Of Flood Damaged Cars Being Sold Through Craigslist
Posted May 25, 2013

Buyer beware! Flood damaged cars are showing up in want ads, on Craigslist and as potential trade-ins to dealers who really want nothing to do with them.

The Chicago Automobile Trade Association, the Chicago area’s major new-car dealer group and sponsor of the Chicago Auto Show, has issued an alert to its members Flooded Cars For Sale On Craigslistwarning of the flood of damaged cars likely to be sold through Craigslist.

At Arlington Heights Ford, owner John Guido said Friday that he had five flood-damaged cars in the shop, three of which were repairable. Guido said in two of the cases, the cars were deemed “totaled” by the owner’s insurance company but the owner wanted to keep the car anyhow.

Down the line, though, Guido said the cars could be nothing but trouble, and has advice for those seeing a like-new used car on the market for a ridiculously low price: do your homework.

He said there are some foolproof ways to tell that a car has been inundated in a flood that may not be obvious to potential buyers but can be spotted immediately by mechanics.

He said it could be as simple as peeling back the carpet in the car to see if the floor beneath it remains damp, or checking to see if there are leaves, other debris or water in the spare tire well. He said to check to see if sensors such as the check engine or ABS lights trip on and off without reason — a sign that the fuse box was inundated.

Guido said other telltale signs are rusty screws inside of the car and rusty brake calipers. But he said the easiest test is to simply turn on the engine, turn the heat up to high, and direct it to the floor. He said if the car’s windows steam up, the car has been flooded.

Guido’s nephew and partner, Tony Guido, said that the car that is older but looks “like new” could signal a problem.

“An older car or (one that is) recently-detailed, shampooed or cleaned under the hood so that it looks like it’s brand new are some indicators to look at also,” he said. “A lot of people don’t keep their cars as clean as that over the years.”

The younger Guido said that a musty smell inside the car is also a dead giveaway.

“You start smelling water damage over a period of time,” he said.Craigslist Cars For Sale “Water doesn’t really come out of the crevices.”

The Guidos say not all flooded cars are as bad. A car in which the water barely lapped over the lip at the doors is not as bad off as one that stood in water up to the windows, they said. Insurance companies may opt to repair cars that suffered relatively minor flood damage, but John Guido said those they were inundated or floated are not likely to be deemed repairable by insurers. Yet, he said, some are.

If you are buying a car through Craigslist, even in an area not know for flooding, be sure to inspect the vehicle for signs of damage caused by flooding.

Beware When Listing Classic Cars On Craigslist

Posted May 14, 2013

Great, another story to make our moms weary of the Internet. The most recent world wide web scam we've come across involves a Craigslist posting and a Chevrolet Corvette Pace car that went missing. Mr. Mike Stull won a 1986 Indianapolis 500 pace car at charity event a few years ago, and in efforts to use it more, he was looking into putting a top on it. Instead of going to his neighborhood garage, he took to Craigslist to ask for help. This turned out to be a horrible idea.

According to Stull, somebody responded by saying, "I’ve done it before. I used to work in a top place." Next thing Stull knew, the car, which was painted in a rare yellow color, was gone. Police arrested Matthew Warman, the person who contacted Stull, but they were unable to recover the car. A new ad on Craigslist has since been posted, offering $500 to anybody with information on the car's whearabouts. He should probably be careful, though, hinting that he might have $500 cash lying around.

Latest Craigslist Related News
Posted April 30, 2013

A Napanoch man faces felony forgery and grand larceny charges following an investigation by detectives of the Ulster County Sheriff's Office. Sean Kennedy, 35, of Ash Lane was arrested in connection to the reported removal of a vehicle from a Spring Glen residence in 2012 and its subsequent sale in February.

A sheriff's spokesman said the legal owner of the vehicle became aware of the sale after noticing it on Craigslist.

Kennedy was charged with second-degree forgery and fourth-degree grand larceny and sent to Ulster County Jail in lieu of $1,000 cash bail.

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